QUAKE 3 ARENA (Dez 1999)

Pros: the best multiplayer game of all-time
Cons: lost hours could be better served helping young children

There's something to say about a game that becomes a classic before it even ships.

Quake 3 Arena is all about deathmatch and the multiplayer game is where the heart of Quake 3 Arena resides. There's no traditional single player game, virtually no story line, no worlds to save or girls to rescue.What the game does have is the most intense action ever to cross any first-person shooter, or any game for that matter, coupled with a whole lot of killing.

Deathmatches, or multiplayer games where you go up against a small number of equally equipped (but not necessarily equally skilled) opponents, are what made the first two Quake games such a success. In fact, it's still easy to find a multiplayer Quake 1 game on the internet. But unlike Quake 1 and 2, where the multiplayer game seemingly played second fiddle to the long drawn out single player game, Quake 3 Arena's multiplayer-focus makes the game incredible refined.

Quake 3 Arena's levels have all been painstakingly crafted for the best multiplayer experience. Most levels are relatively small, ensuring a constant and high amount of action, while various platforms, spring boards, alcoves, and wide open areas keep you on your toes and on the look out for where the next threat is coming from.

Quake 3 Arena is a monster of a game. IT admins will fear the added bandwidth the game will put on their servers, CEO's will cringe at the lost productivity of their employees, and university students' grades are bound to plummet, all in the name of some fun. Strap yourself into Quake 3 Arena and be prepared to waste countless hours. What are you waiting for?

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